Luigi's Team

Luigi's Doodles Team.

Below you find all the information about "Luigi's Team". We breed Retrievers to Poodles to produce Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle are great for most people with allergies. They are extremely smart and easy to train.
All our dogs have passed their health clearances before breeding.


Gender: Male

Height: 28''

Weight: 55 Lbs

Date of Birth: 10.04.2014 (9 y/o)


Luigi is a large, parti-colored Standard Poodle with a confident demeanor and a great amount of love for his family and other dogs who he meets around town. He is very physically fit and has a perfect temperament. Luigi loves to play with the rest of his pack and is great with children. He is protective by instintct but has the sweetest heart and is not at all aggressive.

Luigi came to our home from a reputable breeder and is registered with a purebred pedigree from the AKC. He comes from a long line of well-bred Standard Poodles with perfect health records.

Finally Luigi is an amazing swimmer and excellent at playing with a ball.

He has "OFA hips" certified as Excellent.

Gender: Female

Height: 22''

Weight: 55 Lbs

Date of Birth: 03.02.2019 (5 y/o)


Daisy is a Sheepadoodle which makes her the best combination of a Poodle and Ols English Sheepdog. While both breeds are wonderful guard dogs.

The Sheepdog loves to heard and yes Daidy will even heard your children. The poodle has webbed feet and love to swim. They both are working dogs and very intelligent. The sheepadoodles has a very funny sence of humor. They will have you laughing all the time. They are gorgeous when they move and will have you in awe watching them work and play.

Gender: Female

Height: 21''

Weight: 50 Lbs

Date of Birth: 20.05.2020 (3 y/o)


Allegra is a full size AKC registered  Blue Merle Australian Shepard. She is so so so smart. Australian Shepards are energetic fun and easy to train. So great with children they will heard them so you never loose them. She will be a perfect mother and will be bred to Luigi for Aussidoodles. This will make a perfect nonshedding family member. 

Allegera will be bred in late 2021. 

Gender: Female

Height: 24''

Weight: 55 Lbs

Date of Birth: 28.06.2020 (3 y/o)


Willow is a AKC registered Standard Blue Merle Poodle. She is so smart and fun. Poodles are such amazing dogs. Well Natured Great with Children and Highly Intelligent. Poodle bred with most dogs makes a perfect pet for the family.

Willow will have all her health certificates and then will join us in bringing in Goldendoodle pups.

Gender: Female

Height: 25''

Weight: 85 Lbs

Date of Birth: 14.08.2020 (3 y/o)


Meadow is a Bernes Mountain Dog. Her parent were both imported from Europe from excellent stock. She will be bred to Luigi which will make her pups Bernedoodles. Bernes are a large breed guard dog Graet nature, Calm and Strong and so good with children.

We will be breeding her late 2021.

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